Digital Menu Board Supplier & Repair in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, & Penticton 

Kelowna Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are getting more and more popular in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, and Penticton as they are easy to set up, are getting more and more affordable. Menu boards allow for instant sign changes and can save you money in sign production costs. 

In addition, Cutting Edge has simplified the task of creating and managing content using customizable templates, you can do it yourself or opt for our fully managed options with 99.9% uptime.  Meaning just add your pictures and enter text; preview and release for display or have us do it all for you!


For ease of use, the digital menu boards can be remotely controlled or "instantly" changed from anywhere - using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone) This allows you to adapt instantly to a sale as the last items sell.


In situations where you have multiple screens or places of business in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon or Penticton, all locations can be managed from a single desktop and content can be distributed simultaneously to all your TVs or locations. Plus, if required, each individual location in New York can receive unique content and have its own independent schedule.


Our Honest Commitment:

Many companies will say they can offer you a digital menu board system for lower than $100. That’s simply not true. You are only quoted for one component of the entire system or they are eliminating crucial elements. At Cutting Edge we are honest about our pricing strategies.
A combination of the lowest cost fully-functional digital signage software on the market, advanced media player technologies and financing options allow us to cut prices where the others can’t.
Don’t be misled by the low-cost tactics on the internet. CEM guarantees a complete digital menu board solution at a price you can afford.

Unbeatable return on investment

By installing a Digital Menu Board in your Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon or Penticton location you will be on the Cutting Edge of Media thus giving you the ability to instantly change your "menu", "showcase", any "item", "display seasonal messages" or focus and sell excess inventory items. 


Remember, you cab save the graphic design and printing costs associated with traditional signage.