The newest "all-in-one" Transparent & Solid LED Panels, Digital Posters & Video Walls are now available for Kelowna retailers & businesses.

The Transparent LED Panels, digital posters and Video Walls are the latest cutting edge innovations designed to attract attention to your store front / business.  Kelowna retailers can now "instantly" advertise and promote their products, services, specials in their exterior window  to people passing by.

YES YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH THEM, they are TRANSPARENT and do not block your view or the light from coming in...

Video Wall or Out-of-the-box in three perfect size options

The Transparent LED Screen comes in three useful sizes to meet your space requirements: 42", 55", and 63". Avoid lengthy delays for custom factory builds, just select the size(s) you want and we will install it in your Kelowna Retail exterior Window. 

Manage your Transparent LED Digital Poster from your cell phone for instant exposure...

Once your Transparent LED digital poster is set up, you are in complete control. It’s easy to change the messaging on the display (static and/or video) via your cell phone or computer, in real time!  Program your messages in advance or have us do it all for you! Monthly graphics and services plan available. Your digital poster will work for you 24/7.

Unbeatable return on investment

Unlike,  costly "short term" local radio, local TV, local Bus advertising campaigns, a one-time Transparent LED Digital Poster purchase will give you YEARS & YEARS worth of advertising campaigns...

McDonald's Case Study

Leading fast food chain, McDonald's in Mississippi has proven Transparent LED Digital Posters  deliver ~360% increase in sales when used to advertise products.


Whether buying or leasing, your Transparent LED Digital Poster, will benefit you with increased sales and brand awareness.

The "instant" and "longterm" cost-effective alternative to traditional local advertising methods.


The Kelowna Transparent LED Digital Poster series is without a doubt fast becoming the obvious replacement for time-consuming and costly paper-based posters by offering the following:

  • Save time and labour on poster changes—buy it and install it just once

  • Make changes to content fast with easy to program software

  • Program the Transparent LED screen to display static or video content

  • 24/7 visibility—highly effective during the day and super bright at night,

  • Effective from a distance because of their unique and unparalleled brightness

  • Built-in light sensors control day/vers night brightness

  • 60% natural light filter (do not act as barriers or light inhibitors because of their unique transparency)


Turn your Kelowna exterior retail window into an instant advertising screen and get noticed 24/7 for years!


The Transparent LED Digital Poster series is a surefire and professional way to get your product, services, or brand noticed day and night!